Totes, tambos y tambores de plástico para envasado industrial.
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World class packaging and containers.

We manufacture, recondition and distribute IBC's (tote), plastic drums and containers for the care and transport of your goods.

International quality in industrial packaging.

Welcome to Recoenvases Mexico, we offer packaging, recollection and reconditioning solutions for the entire country, mainly in IBC’s containers (Totes), and plastic drums of 200 liters, being a world-class company, we are committed to ensure solutions for the transportation, security and packaging of your products.

IBC’s Containers (Tote) of 1000 liters.

For big jobs and large companies we offer to our customers the food grade approved IBC’s (tote) 1000 liters containers, which can be purchased washed, rebuilt or retrofitted for all the country.

Plastic drums of 200 liters.

Our plastic drums and containers are adequate and reconditioned with a very cautious process, all this to ensure customer confidence that the integrity of their products remains intact.

Ecological commitment with Mexico.

We care about the planet, we are pioneers providing a complete service cycle of production / reuse / recycling, this continues positioning ourselves at the forefront of the industry.

Our company works hand by hand in the development of new materials and designs for packaging and plastic containers with other subsidiaries, ensuring this way to stay relevant in the industrial area and also providing a better overall service to the satisfaction of each of our customers.

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