Totes, tambos y tambores de plástico para envasado industrial.
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Mauser International Mexico

MAUSER and NCG presence and support in Mexico

The international support is what makes it possible

MAUSER/NCG history in Mexico

  • 2009: SAI starts collection and reconditioning of IBC’s in northern Mexico
  • 2010: SAI starts the sale of New Units through Mauser Houston
  • 2012: SAI starts operations in Queretaro
  • 2013: Mauser establishes MPI in Toluca to produce new units
  • 2014: Mauser and SAI merge into Mauser International Mexico, to offer New, Rebottled and Washed Units.

Operational capacity

Capacidad operacional de MAUSER/NCG en México para la distribucion de Totes IBC y tambos de plástico

  • MIM is capable of providing customers with both new and reconditioned UN certified IBCs, with a variety of valves and closure systems.
  • MIM is also capable of picking up empty IBCs and plastic drums, providing customers a sustainable solution for their empty containers.
  • Our portfolio of customers include: the chemical, agrochemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical sectors.

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